Links in the Chain

Dick Gaughan playing guitar against a background of trees

As time passes I become more and more aware of those who are no longer with us. I do these pages in order to make a small contribution to ensuring that they live in our memories and our music and that they and what they gave are not forgotten.

I have only included here the ones I knew personally - they are the ones who inspired me, encouraged me or were simply friends but each, in their own ways, made me more aware of what this music is and how important it is. There are many more I knew of and learned from but never met.

In most cases I have simply written a short note. I will add to this as time permits. If you have memories or experiences of any of these people and would like them included here, send them to me at the email address at the bottom of their page and I'll include them.

If you have biographical or other information you would like to see added here, send me that and I'll include it and if you maintain a website for any of these people, or know of any others, please let me know so I can link to them.

Similarly, if you have any photographs of any of them which you think should be added, then send them to me in .jpg format.

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