Contacting Dick Gaughan

If you want to enquire about booking availablity etc, then you should contact John Barrow at Stoneyport Associates; contact details are on the Main Page.

If you want to email me about a problem to do with the website, you should send email to the address:

If you need to contact me for some other reason, send email to the address:

Before emailing me please read the FAQ

Please remember to put the words 'Dick Gaughan' somewhere in the Subject line. My spam filters are set to automatically accept emails which do that.

Please check first before sending me any kind of attachment!

I may be on the road and forced to use slow modem dialup at hotel telephone rates and at those speeds even a small graphic attachment can take up to an hour to download. I can't afford that kind of money so, when I am out on the road, all emails with unexpected attachments are automatically deleted at the server and I never even see them.

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