Frequently Asked Questions

3. When will you next be touring in the USA?

At the moment there are no plans for me to do so. I do not currently have a US agent and none has expressed any interest in working with me.

In the last couple of years, the US administration, for reasons known only to itself, has decided to make it extremely difficult for foreign musicians to obtain work visas. That combined with the current policy of treating all non-US citizens as potential terrorists resulting in all visitors being photographed and fingerprinted, both of which are placed on file by the security services, means that touring in the USA has become a nightmare of bureaucratic obstruction. Consequently the number of agents prepared to put in the time and effort to bring foreign musicians to the US has dwindled and, indeed, some US promotors now will not book non-American artists due to the large amount of hassle involved.

So, as things stand, it looks like the closest I'll be getting again to the USA is Canada.

Why the US authorities have decided to restrict the opportunities for US citizens to hear musicians from other countries is something on which I will not attempt to speculate.


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