Auchengeich Disaster

Words: Norman Buchan / Music: trad
Lyric as sung by Dick Gaughan

In Auchengeich there stauns a pit
The wheel above it isnae turnin
For on a gray September morn
The fires o Hell below were burnin

Tho in below the coal lay rich
It's richer nou for aa that burnin
For forty sieven brave men lie deid
Tae wives an sweetherts ne'er returnin

The seams are rich in Auchengeich
The coal below is black an glistenin
But, och, the cost is faur ower dear
For human lives there is nae recknin

For coal is black an coal is reid
An coal is rich ayont a treasure
It's black wi wark an reid wi bluid
It's richness nou in lives we measure

Faur better that we'd never wrocht
A thousan years o wark an grievin
For the coal is black like the mournin shroud
The women left behind are weavin

Song Notes

To commemorate the 47 miners killed at Auchengeich Colliery in Lanarkshire on the 18th of September 1959.

Norman Buchan wrote this to the tune known as "Skippin Barfit Thro The Heather"

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