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Wedding Entertainment In Edinburgh

Dick Gaughan, UK Wedding Planner (updated 1 July 2024)

With over 20 years planning weddings in the Edinburgh area, I’ve seen it all! Selecting the right music and entertainment is crucial to throwing an unforgettable party your guests will rave about for years.

  • Set the vibe. The entertainment makes the atmosphere – pick performers to match your wedding style. Folk for a garden party? Motown for a retro affair? There are limitless options!
  • Know your crowd. Will your friends and family want to dance all night or prefer mingling with cocktails? Take your guest list personality into account.
  • See them live first. If possible, I always recommend my clients preview bands, singers or DJs live before booking. Videos help, but nothing beats seeing them command a crowd!
  • Price for quality. Budget is key, but remember – you get what you pay for! I’ve found spending a bit more on pro entertainers is worth every penny.

My favourite story is the London couple who flew to Edinburgh just to see a 9-piece funk band perform – and booked them that night!

Hiring a Live Wedding Band In Edinburgh

With electric energy and stage presence, a live wedding band takes your reception to the next level! Based on my professional expertise booking entertainment over the years, here’s my advice:

  • Go big or go home! A 3 to 6 piece band is ideal for filling your venue with dynamic sound. Vocals, guitar, bass, keys and drums is a versatile combo.
  • Size matters. Make sure your band matches the guest count and space. An 18 piece brass band overwhelmed my client’s tiny barn venue – oops!
  • Play that funky music! Provide bands with your must-play songs and do-not-play list. They’ll use these to create a custom setlist for your taste.
  • Book early! The best bands get snapped up fast. I advise my clients to hire live music at least 6 months out. You’ll get maximum choice.
  • Protect your investment. Require band members to sign entertainment contracts detailing the date, times, attire, payment terms etc. to avoid misunderstandings.

Who can resist shredding the dance floor to a high-energy live band? Not my past clients, that’s for sure!

Booking a Wedding Singer In Edinburgh

As a veteran wedding planner in Edinburgh, trust me when I say the right singer can infuse heart and soul into your celebration. Here are my top tips:

  • Set the mood. Luxe jazz during cocktails? Plucky acoustic for your outdoor affair? Choose a singer to match the vibe you envision.
  • Get personal. Many soloists learn special songs for your first dance, ceremony, parent dances etc. Discuss custom details upfront!
  • Audition audio/video. Ask to hear samples of their repertoire and see videos shot live at actual weddings so you can preview stage presence.
  • Mind the logistics. Clarify tech rider, additional accompanists, attire, timeline and other contract details with any soloist.
  • Have a backup. If Aunt Becky is belting out your karaoke first dance song, still hire a pro as backup. Worth the peace of mind!

One groom got teary-eyed when our jazz singer performed a moving mother-son ballad surprise – not a dry eye in the venue!

Deciding on a Edinburgh Wedding DJ

In my extensive background planning Edinburgh weddings, the right DJ has the power to energize the dance floor all night long! Consider these factors:

  • Mix it up. Look for DJs experienced specifically in wedding sets. Blending eras, genres into one flawless soundtrack is an art!
  • Take control. Provide your do not play list and must play requests so they can customise tracks to your taste.
  • Demand details. Ask how they read crowds, handle requests/announcements and recover from potential gear fails. You want transparency.
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  • See flexibility. If your cousin wants to plug in his Spotify playlist or grab the mic – any quality DJ will roll with requests.
  • Have a timeline. Discuss how the DJ will move the evening from cocktail hour to receptions through last call seamlessly.

I’ll never forget one DJ who remixed the couple’s beloved retro TV show theme as their intro song – bring the creativity!

Here is the final section on budgeting for wedding entertainment:

Budgeting for Wedding Entertainment In Edinburgh

After years coordinating fabulous Edinburgh weddings on every budget, how much should you spend? My cheat sheet:

  • Size matters. Solo guitarists or DJs start around £800. Larger 6+ piece live bands land £2,500+. Know your crowd size and space limitations.
  • Seasonal savings. Avoid peak summer months for best rates – spring and fall have more availability across all acts. I saved a bride £800 that way!
  • Cocktail party. Having live jazz or acoustic during reception cocktails before the main event offers big ambiance without blowing budget.
  • DIY danger zone. I beg couples – please don’t rely on your friend’s Spotify playlist! Dropped WiFi during first dances stresses everyone out.
  • 10-15% is the sweet spot. For overall wedding spend, budgeting entertainment in the 10-15% range nets professional quality within reason.

My favorite budget-friendly wedding booked a fab DJ early at £950 and splurged on epic late night food trucks for guests using the extra savings!

Let me know if you have any other questions! With the right music and entertainment, your wedding is guaranteed to be talk-of-the-town fantastic.