This is the official website of Scottish musician Dick Gaughan, guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer and record producer.

Inside you will find information about Gaughan, a Song Archive (with lyrics, stave notation, midi and mp3 files) a full discography with historical and biographical information, Reviews, Tour schedules, links to a wide variety of other sites, opinionated rants, an Absolute Beginner's Guide to Usenet, little bits of Celtic artwork and much more.

What you WON'T find are scripting languages, Flash, frames, pop-up windows, adverts or any of the other irritating gimmicks that just screw up your browser and waste your time. I built and maintain the site myself and all the things which piss me off about a lot of websites have been avoided here.

The site is strictly standards-compliant and the information here should therefore be readable on any platform. It is also built to be equally accessible to all visitors regardless of whatever abilities or disabilities they might have.

-- Dick Gaughan

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